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About Odor Pollution Control of TAES


Odor pollution is recoginized as one of the seven typical environmental pollution. It affects both the public health and social harmony. Odor pollution control has been listed into the outline of the Twelfth Five Year Plan of China.

TAES was the first research institute of China devoting to odor pollution control. TAES has introduced the Triangular Odor Bag Method from Japan, formulated the first national odor emission standard of China (Odor Emission Standard, DB12/033-93) and the first local odor emission standard of Tianjin (Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants, GB14554-93), and established the State Key Laboratory on Odor Pollution Control of China in 2002. This laboratory is the only one in China specializing in the research of odor pollution control, including development and introduction of odor pollution control technologies and instruments.