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Régis Moilleron Visits TAES



Régis Moilleron, Professor of Université Paris-Est Créteil and Director of Laboratoire eau environnement et systèmes urbains (LEESU), have been visiting TAES from July 5th to 11th. His main research fields includes metrology and fate of emerging contaminants in urban drainage systems (combined, separate and storm systems) and in wastewater treatment plants, silt trap sediments management, integrated urban water management, dredged sediments management at the scale of the Seine River basin, etc. During the visit, Régis Moilleron delivered three speeches with themes of “Urban water quality and management Case of Paris conurbation”, “Organic pollutants in urban sewer systems and fate in wastewater treatment plants” and “pectrofluorimetery potential for on-line characterization of the dissolved organic matter: from the wastewater-treatment plant to the receiving environment”. Then Régis Moilleron conducted field survies to Tianjin inner city, Sino-Singapore (Tianjin) Eco-City and Tianjin Water Park. Finally, a meeting was held to discuss in-depth cooperation with TAES and Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau in terms of personal exchange and international projects application.