Team Member

TAES has 7 technical staff in the field of ecological environment protection.

(1) Mr. Shao Xiaolong, Senior Engineer

Research area: natural ecology conservation, water ecological environment, constructed wetland, environmental planning, environment impact assessment, etc.

(2) Mr. Yuan Min, Senior Engineer

Research area: sewage treatment and utilization, soil contamination, saline and alkali soil ecological restoration, etc.

(3) Mr. Liu Honglei, Senior Engineer

Research area: non-point pollution control, pollutants migration and transformation, water ecological restoration

(4) Ms. Li Li, Junior Engineer

Research area: water ecology, environmental planning, environmental impact assessment

(5) Ms. Yu Dan, Junior Engineer

Research area: water ecology, water treatment technology, biomass, etc.

(6) Ms. Liu Qiongqiong, Junior Engineer

Research area: ecological restoration, water ecology, ammonia nitrogen removal of sewage