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Major Projects (in Brief)

Water pollution control projects

(1) Water Ecological Recycling Project of Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Group Co., Ltd.

(2) Tianjin Habor Industrial Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant First-Stage Project

Waste gas control projects

(1) Waste Gas Control Project of Tianjin Donghai Rubber Co., Ltd.

(2) Waste Gas Control Project of Tianjin Jack Brothers Food Technology Co., Ltd.


Noise control projects

(1) Noise Control Project of Guohua Pandian Company

(2) Noise Control Project of Tianjin Heping Guotou Slag Grinding Plant


Solid waste treatment and disposal projects

(1) Estuary Sediments Treatment Project

(2) Sino-Singapore Eco-City “Three Waters and One Sludge” Treatment Project

Sewage Treatment Facilities Operation Projects

(1) Sewage Treatment Facility Operation Project of Zhongxing Shengda Steel Company of Tianjin Metallurgical Group 

(2) Wastewater Treatment Facilities Operation Project of Tianjin Shunxin Cheng Food Co., Ltd.