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About Tianjin United Environmental Engineering Design Co., Ltd.


Tianjin United Environmental Engineering Design Co., Ltd.(TUEED) was set up by TAES in 1994.It is a national high-tech enterprise and also one of the first batches of identified medium and small-scale science and technology enterprises in Tianjin. It has more than 100 employees with 30 senior engineers and more than 30 technical staff holding specific professional certificate.
TUEED is a comprehensive environmental service enterprise and it’s mainly engaged in design and general contract of environmental engineering projects, operation of environmental treatment facilities, limited quantity industrial wastewater treatment, R&D and processing of environmental equipments, consultation of environmental engineering projects, representative, distributer and franchiser of environmental products and equipments, and other environmental services.
TUEED has achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification and owns A classcertificate for specific environmental  engineering(water pollution control engineering and air pollution control engineering) design, B class certificate for specific environmental engineering(solid waste treatment and disposal engineering) design, B class certificate for specific urban industry(drainage engineering) design, A class certificate for engineering consultation, A class certificate for operation of environmental treatment facilities(industrial wastewater, domestic sewage), certificate for operation of automatic continuous monitoring facilities(water), and construction safety permit.
As TAES’s base to apply and promote S&T achievements, TUEED has completed hundreds of pollution treatment projects.