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Major EIA Projects (in Brief)

EIA projects approved by Ministry of Environmental Protection of China

(1) Water Drainage Project of Tianjin Southeast Suburban Area

(2) Construction of the Second Seamless Steel Tube Plant for Tianjin Stell Pipe Co., Ltd
(3) the Second Extension Project of Tianjin Chentang Zhuang Thermal Power Plant

Other EIA projects (metallurgy industry)

(1) Relocation and Reconstruction Project of Tianjin Yayi Iron and Steel Cooperation

(2) Relocation and Reconstruction Project of Tianjin Seamless Steel Pipe Plant

Other EIA projects (chemical industry)

(1) 500,000 t/y Styrene Project of Tianjin Dagu Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.

(2) 60,000 t/y HCFC-141b Project of Tianjin Rentai Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.

Other EIA projects (social area)

(1) Construction Project of Binhai Zheshang Building

(2) Construction Project of Hangu Hexi Park in Tianjin Binhai New Area

Other EIA projects (building materials industry)

(1) Contruction Project of Tianjin Yaopi Glass Co., Ltd.

(2) Construction Project of Tianjin Wuqing Xinyi Glass Co. Ltd.

Other EIA projects (textile industry)

(1) 2,000 t/y Water Retaining Agent Construction Project of Tianjin Sannong Jin Technology Co., Ltd.
(2) 120,000 t Sugar Project of Tianjin Jiaji Food Co., Ltd