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  EU-China Envrionmental Sustainability Program
Better water ecological environment in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) with less pollution to the rivers and Bohai Sea
  Collaborations with Sweden
Cooperation and exchange with IVL Swedish Envrionmental Research Institute
  Collaborations with U.S.
Cooperation with U.S. Envrionmental Protection Bureau
Cooperation with U.S. Energy Foundation
Exchange with National Center for Atmospheric Research of U.S.
  Collaborations with Japan
Exchange with Japan Association on Odor Environment
Exchange with National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan
Cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation
Exchange with Nagoya University
  Collaborations with Korea
Cooperation with Korean government
Exchange with Woosong University
  Collaborations with Germany
Exchange with Former Water Pollution Control Federation
Cooperation with Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung(BMZ)
Exchange with the city of Oldenburg
  Collaborations with Norway
Cooperation with University of Oslo
  Collaborations with New Zealand
Cooperation with Ministry of Fisheries
  Collaborations with the Netherlands
Exchange with the city of Groningen
  Collaborations with Canada
Exchange with General Electric Company(GE)
  Collaborations with Australia
Exchange with the University of New South Wales
  Collaborations with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Exchange with Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Collaborations with France
Cooperation with PURECHEM ONYX PTE LTD
  Collaborations with Israel
Cooperation with Su He Water Group
  Collaborations with Global Environment Fund
Comprehensive Water Resource and Water Management in Haihe River Basin
Sustainable Medical Waste Management of China