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1. The pattern is designed round in shape, which represents harmony and perfect. This is consistent with the development theme of TAES and the traditional cultural of China.

2. The pattern consists of the Chinese and English full names of TAES and these names are designed among two rings.

3. The pattern contains green leaves, green hearts, etc, which represents environmental protection, people’s concern to environmental problems, and environmental protection workers.

4. Three green leaves constitutes a triangle which is the most stable structure. This repsents not only TAES is a harmonious organization but also the solid development of environmental protection.

5. Three green leaves are connected end to end, which symbolizes the resourses reuse and the environment sustainability, but also the endless development of environmental protection.

6. Dark blue is the background color and it represents water and sea. It symbolizes the courage to pusue, the spirit of seeking the truth, and the vitality of the development of environmental protection.